Why This?

Introduction… I am Kyle J. Ostrum, a Connecticut chap with a love for animation, film, art, music, video games, and all kinds of different things. I am currently attending Southern Connecticut State University, graphic design is my major. This semester, I am taking up Professional Practice in Graphic Design, a course dedicated to preparing me for the world of graphic design, and what will lie ahead, what will be expected of me, and so forth…

We students are set to document our progress, through a blog. So… Why did I pick WordPress for this assignment?

I contribute to a WordPress-based news site, and have been doing so for years. I set up my main WordPress blog back in July, I’m still learning about the nuances of this particular place, but I do know the lay of the land, per se… I hope to learn more about using this site, too.

Up until last year, most of my blog posts were done on Blogger. I continue to work with Blogger for my animation news blogs, but for more personal writings and editorials, I use this place. Due to the personal nature of my WordPress blog, I felt WordPress was the right place for the showcasing of my evolution as an up-and-coming graphic designer and artist. I prefer its layout to Blogger, and feel there’s something more compelling about it.

With that said, I’m excited to detail my progress over the coming months, and then some.


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