Launching… The First Project…

Later today, a client is coming to our class! Exciting, isn’t it?

We were given a small gist of what’s in store concerning the first project. We students are set to design our own individual logos for a company that we don’t know about just yet. Our client will give us the details, but over the weekend, I had to brainstorm at least ten questions to ask the person during their presentation.

  1. What is the goal of this company? The intent? What do they do?
  2. What is this company’s base? Who are they aiming for in particular?
  3. What aesthetic does the company want for their logo and overall look?
  4. What is this company’s history?
  5. Is this company a smaller, more local company? Or something bigger?
  6. What kind of reception does the company get? How are their annual results?
  7. Does the company have a new aim? Will they want to pursue a different direction to go along with their new logo?
  8. What kind of presence does this company have on social media?
  9. What kind of advertising does this company specialize in?
  10. Does this company have any affiliates?

Let’s see how it goes…


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