Narrowing It Down…

Last week, I had shown my professor twelve preliminary logo designs


Getting an idea of where to go, he felt that designs 3 & 9 were starting points… With that, I had to refine the ideas and make three new logos. Master preliminary logos, as I like to call them…

These were done in Illustrator, but we were advised not to go in too deep, and not to go for the bigger things like color just yes. Just an idea of what’s to come…

As you can see, I’m attempting to incorporate West Rock and the lighthouse that the Werth Center uses, and trying to be less shape-based. The professor went with Sketch Logos 3 & 9 on the original sheet, and while Sketch Logo #3 was enclosed in an octagon, he liked Sketch Logo #9 because it was mostly about text and less about shapes. I myself like that, for I feel the logo gets to breathe a little more, and fits in with the aesthetics the client is personally into.

For some reason, I’ve been gravitating towards a font that I myself made on Illustrator. I get kind of an EPCOT vibe out of it, or something science-like. It probably rings close to sci-fi text, though I want to see if I can refine it so that it communicates sciences and coastal studies, not something with… Say, aliens or robots.

With #2, I wanted to see how it would look if West Rock didn’t quite top the text like a burger bun. I personally feel this one is a bit better in terms of the first two. With three, I wanted to see if I could put both play-space elements across from each other, horizontally. I have a feeling this one is a bit overworked, given the size of the circles. More than anything, I had this logo (for an 80s production company) in mind when making it.


Sometimes that tends to happen. I’ll somehow work in something I’ve seen or a design that’s always stuck out to me. Whether it works for the other logo or not, I wouldn’t know just yet, but I think it’s looking like the weakest of the bunch. Maybe, or maybe not.

We shall see what makes the cut…


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