Three Variants

Well, the day has come…

Last class, which was this past Wednesday, we all got into groups of four and looked at our three post-initial sketch designs. These secondary designs, which I detailed in the previous post, were yet another stepping stone. Later, I discussed the three designs with my professor. It was agreed that the first design of the three I made for the last class was the strongest, but it did need refinements.

The design, pictured below, had certain issues…


The lighthouse felt a bit tacked on and not well-integrated with the overall look of the logo. Adjustments were made to the “S” in EGMS since the “E” jots out. With the “S” jotting out, you almost get a hexagon-like shape out of the whole logo…


What you’re seeing here is one of three variants.

Basically, our current design must have three variants by Monday’s session. Our client will look at these… How exciting!

The first iteration of this current logo design was actually in black-and-white. The text also had to be a lot bigger, because when you’re putting this on a hat or a pamphlet, you’ll lose information in the process when scaling it down. The solution to mix the lighthouse and West Rock worked out, as it gives it that good logo feel. In an earlier class, our professor showed us the dos and don’ts of logo creation.

He pointed out that great logos don’t just put shapes on top of shapes, hence the somewhat-carving of the West Rock graphic to fit the lighthouse circle that leaves a nice amount of space. Space is very important in the creation of logos, especially the more modern ones. An earlier version of this had the lighthouse circle planted right on top of West Rock, it didn’t look right! I thought back on those logos that were shown, and also the ones I’ve always liked for years.

Lastly, he suggested having the text be a good distance from the objects. With that, the logo breathes a little more now.

So… The other two variants:


With the first variant, I wanted to make West Rock seem more like West Rock, so I added the trees. This detail may be excessive and may clash with the more simple shapes of the logo, but I feel the brown gives it more of a geography flavor. With the third variant, I wanted to keep the green on the text, and the blue on the objects. While West Rock certainly isn’t marine-related (and to do this the other way around, you’d have a green lighthouse!), I wanted to see how this color combination would work visually, and also try out a light blue lighthouse against a darker blue.

We shall see…


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