Promotional Materials – Phase 1: Launch

With the new month comes an all-new project. Or more!

From now on, the game plan is up to us students. I am to plan the next 2 1/2 weeks, make goals and deadlines for myself, and determine the flow in the work of the upcoming projects. I have picked three projects to do from now until the end, all of them combined meet the professor’s minimum requirements…

The first of which is a ‘Promotional Materials’ project. For the assignment, we have to take three neo-classical strings-based musical acts, and design concert posters for them. He assigned us three unique artists in this genre: The female violin quartet Bond, the Russian male duo 2Cellos, and Chinese-American cellist Yo-Yo Ma.

… along with provided text for each. Not only are posters required, but also an additional item, which can be anything. Say, a brochure for the tour program or a button or a flyer. My plan is to make an cover for a fictitious album that corresponds with the three tours/acts.

Here are the assigned music videos that give us an idea of who these individuals are…



So now… The next journey begins!


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