Promotional Materials – Phase 2: Brainstorming…

Being a long-time music junkie, this project definitely got me thinking.

When listening to my favorite artists or bands, I often drift towards the aesthetics that their music may embody. A more no-holds-barred rock ‘n’ roll number conjures up images of a rowdy concert hall or maybe a fast muscle car, while folk brings me to quiet fields and empty houses and quiet atmospheres. A more psychedelic number immediately brings late 60s imagery and maybe even the cosmos to mind, while classical might take me to more abstract imagery.

When hearing – and seeing – the three assigned acts, I felt that I “got” the ideas they were going for. For me, the quartet Bond definitely felt like a marriage of the traditional and the modern, the glitzy. 2Cellos on the other hand gave me a raw, bluesy-rock sensation, and Yo-Yo Ma’s more formal style sounded tranquil and serene to me.

Being mostly a fan of rock music, I immediately jumped into designing the 2Cellos poster. I looked up several things, from classic blues posters to modern hard rock posters, and some album covers too, to get an idea of where to start. The kind I kept thinking of were these…

My mind kept drifting towards the rawness of early blues music, conjuring up an image of a city street not dissimilar to the location they were in for the music video.

From there, I played around with fonts and placement, and got the idea to channel one of those album covers… Those covers where the artist’s photograph would be abstracted, creating a sort of gritty, rougher look.

I feel this look can work for most genres within the rock field, and elsewhere. The examples above span from mid-60s beat music to glam rock to punk to new wave. With all of this in mind, I came up with this preliminary design for the 2Cellos poster…


Next, I tried out some ideas with Bond, without even looking into influences. Going in, I work off of what I see in the modern-day pop culture world. I went by memory of the things I see that I would call “glitzy” or “trendy”.


This design shows that the Bond poster really is in its infancy, but the ideas are there.

As for Yo-Yo Mama, I currently haven’t gotten past the sketching phase. For me, Yo-Yo Ma’s more traditional take on classical strings music leaves a lot of ideas, like most classical music to me. My mind immediately goes to abstraction or the past, the former partially because of Fantasia.


In one of the sketches, one of the ideas I want is something that resembles the truly abstract and very surreal stretches of that film, but other ideas go towards minimalism or the tranquility of the subject matter. Most of them work off of the shape of the cello, an instrument whose design I always admired.

While a preliminary design doesn’t exist in a digital state just yet, I am favoring the cello shape-based designs and the abstract ones. How will I work the promotional photo of Yo-Yo Ma into it? The design on the bottom right is the answer, the image will go inside the cello shape. For now…


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