Promotional Materials – Phase 3: Changes and Problem Solving

Before break had begun, I had shown my professor the two preliminary 2Cellos and Bond posters that were on the previous post…

My professor had pointed out the big difference between the 2Cellos design and the Bond one. In the 2Cellos poster, the image of the two cellists are in that aforementioned gritty, rougher look that I feel reflects the way they use the instrument. The Bond one on the other hand reflects a more glitzy, more pop-oriented approach… However, for the Bond one, I just used the publicity photo. Nothing else.


Not as exciting, to me. In hindsight, it made the poster seem rather generic-looking. The whole project calls for the three posters to line up in some way, to have something that links all of them. So what I did was, I took what I did to the 2Cellos photo and applied it to the Bond photo…


Now, some problems come from this… This style does clash with the background and overall aesthetic of the poster… So the big question is… How do I get these two contrasting styles to mesh?

While figuring this out, I finally got the Yo-Yo Ma poster up. That too is in a stage where kinks need to be ironed out.


Here, I went all out with the image tracing that I used for the 2Cellos poster, and I feel that it so far honors the original photo and the mood of Yo-Yo Ma’s music. I had said in the previous post that I really wanted to work with the shape of a cello, and go for something a little more abstract. I think a more formal kind of classical music suggests abstraction.

For now, I will continue to work off and refine these.


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