Promotional Materials – Phase 4: Nearing the End…

As a new project looms, I’ve been stepping back and looking at my posters…

The final stage of problem-solving can sometimes be a tricky one. Sometimes it’s plagued with indecisiveness, sometimes it’s plagued with last-minute decision-making. Finally realizing that the Yo-Yo Ma poster had text placement issues and that the Bond poster was lacking a little something, I finally made a decision or two.


I had so wanted to wrap the Yo-Yo Ma paragraph around the cello shape, but I just couldn’t make it work. I figured that the casual viewer wouldn’t want to move their eyes or head constantly when reading the piece, so I wanted to arrange it in a way that would correspond to the cello shape while also being readable. I also had to figure out what to do with the other required text blurbs.

So, it eventually became this…


That way, text isn’t all over the place, and the background has some room to breathe…

The Bond poster was also something of a challenge, given the placement of the photo and the structure of the whole piece.


… After revisions, I came to this…

Mar28 BOND

I feel those stylized separating lines do give the piece more consistency. Some minor modifications will follow…

I finally got around to making the additional item that would be given out during this fictitious tour. I decided to make an LP cover, a giveaway album because I love album cover art and I currently want something that will resemble a 60s album cover… Whether it’s an early 60s, text-heavy cover, or a more psychedelic, abstract one.

So far, I got the basic idea down: The three acts, inside the cello shape I made for the Yo-Yo Ma poster…


At the same time, I want to combine elements from each poster into one cohesive whole: The Superclarendon font used for the 2Cellos poster, the cello shape from the Yo-Yo Ma cover, and something from the Bond cover… Maybe the photo border, if I can integrate it somehow.

A real work-in-progress… The current plan is to ditch the idea of all the posters being inside one cello…

To quote a once-active entertainment blogger: Developing…


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