Promotional Series – Phase 5: Finale

Here we are… The end. All the problem solving took some time, but everything is all set.

The posters themselves got some improvements…

The album cover was completely re-imagined and played with… And now it’s a physical thing…

I even went as far as making vintage-style record labels.



Fear not, the LP I used for the labels is one of many “junk” LPs I picked up some 9-10 years ago when I began collecting these very things. I always hung onto those kind of schlock records as “dummies” of sorts. The particular record is one of those sort-of mail-in/as-seen-on-TV type compilations that had awful sound quality and packed too many songs onto each side, creating an overall tossaway platter.

The String Series project, in many ways, pushed me as a designer. I have always loved posters, and it’s why I tackled this particular assignment. A lot of thought goes into making a promotional poster, and I try to get the thought process behind the very posters I look at daily. Why those choices? How many revisions did the designers go through? These posters, for three unique string acts, gave me a lot to think about.


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