Package Design: Phases 3 & 4

Getting to the end on this coming Monday, so I solved various little complications…

This is what the package looks like right now…


Lots more going on here…

First off, the product!


Up until now, I was certain that these Goobery Gobs were going to be honey buns. Having little desire to buy and eat a honey bun, I found out that someone in my house had one already, so I said “Take the picture while I’m away and send it to me!” What I got was this, instead…


A cinnamon bun. So instead of fretting, I changed the content. No longer honey buns, they’re now just “sweet buns,” because they come in so many different flavors anyway. I doctored the image of the bun so it would appear to look like less of a cinnamon bun, and used those for the package.

Additional stuff… The “Try Our Other Favorites” section got a minor upgrade or two.


I didn’t care for the “GMO Gos” logo, and didn’t care for the little horseshoe doodle I did for “Happy Horseshoes.” So I decided to update those. The smiley faces for the horseshoes were created in SketchBook Pro, along with some other graphics. Bauhaus Bites no longer has strokes.

Now onto fun and games!


Little “Gooby” here was also a SketchBook Pro drawing, along with his Butter Lake.

The sort-of silly characters you see on these kinds of products, I wanted to do a little send-up of those.

Completion is right around the corner!


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