Motion Graphic – Phase 5: Completion

In addition to completing the planes, I’ve spent plenty of time on other moving objects and effects…

Three animals ended up making the cut, and what I did was, I made png files of the animal’s parts so I could move them. It was very similar to how cut-out animation works. and I got the desired effect…


The same was done for a rabbit…

These animal sketches were all created on SketchBook Pro, and then converted to png files in Illustrator.

For slightly more complicated effects…

I had previously made a series of autumn leaves in Illustrator.


In another Illustrator file, I had made various clumps and piles of leaves, and then saved those as pngs. In the After Effects dock, I played around with those and made them move. The positioning tools are really good getting that windy/blowing effect.

The snow was created in SketchBook, I basically just made a few digital splotches of white here and there, before making it all into a png file. After Effects’ positioning tools were also very useful here, and I was able to repeat the keyframes to create a convincing snowstorm.

Titles were also created in Illustrator… I did some searching, I wanted to find fonts that I felt aligned with the book’s style and the year it was published. For the title, I wanted to align with the tree illustrations, but for the author credit I wanted something a little timeless and wintry…


As you can see, I used the author font for the book title as well, but felt it wasn’t as fitting as the tree branch one.

After rendering the roughly 40-second or so project, it was time to edit and boost the piece. Sound effects were found sounds, and I made sure the music choices were ones that were either stock/production compositions or ones that were in the public domain.

I’ve been a fan of that kind of music anyways, and out of the pieces I had on hand, I felt ‘Hackney Carriage’ by Cedric-King Palmer was suitable for the graphic’s second half. The recording makes me think of a carriage ride through a wintry landscape, something similar to the hit Christmas standard ‘Sleigh Ride.’ The recording is also from the 1950s and has that overall retro vibe, which I think fit with the year the book was written in – 1949. Right before the decade’s start.

The first, autumnal half of the graphic… It took me some time to decide on what to use for that. I then decided on using one of the stock tracks iMovie provides, a nice classical-like piece called ‘Indulge’…

This semester was quite the journey for me as a growing graphic designer… The course, titled Professional Practice in Graphic Design, was like an introduction to the field and what challenges await… I am beyond grateful for it, and my experience was wonderful. I’m excited to revisit After Effects and other programs like it, and work my current level of experience as a graphic designer into my other projects…


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