Visual Resume… (In Progress!)

A work in progress, as the title states… In this resume are projects I’ve done in the various graphic design courses I have taken at Southern Connecticut State University, along with other art class projects and personal works…

  • Name: Improvised Pattern, 2015
  • Materials: Adobe Illustrator, roll paper
  • Description: Introduction to Graphic Design project, spring 2015. We were tasked to make a project using several different patterns. Being an early project, a lot of it is experimenting and noodling.


  • Name: Compact Cinema, 2015
  • Materials: Matte board, candle lids, construction paper, battery boxes, bottle caps, cut ziploc bag plastic, spray paint
  • Description: 3D Design final, fall 2015. A mixed media project.

Perfect Medium PNG Copy.png

  • Name: The Perfect Medium, 2016
  • Materials: Adobe Illustrator, various PNGs/JPGs
  • Description: Typography assignment, spring 2016. I was tasked to make a book jacket that would incorporate the word “perfect”.


  • Name: Menu for Saucy Porkrind’s Gallopin’ Grill, 2016
  • Materials: Illustrator, roll paper
  • Description: Typography assignment, spring 2016. My class was tasked to create a menu for a fictitious restaurant.



  • Name: Slade Blackwater’s Backwoods Brews, 2016
  • Materials: Illustrator, cardstock
  • Description: Advanced Problems in Graphic Design assignment, fall 2016. I was tasked to find a tea box, determine the brand of the box in question and determine who it was being marketed to. Then, I had to change the design and aesthetic, as if I were marketing to a wholly different demographic.


  • Name: The Journey to the First Draft, 2016
  • Materials: Illustrator, Matte Finish Paper
  • Description: Advanced Problems in Graphic Design assignment, fall 2016. Out of five options, I picked an assignment that tasked me to detail a process with a visually appealing infographic.